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alberta care about usAbout Alberta CARE - The Issue

Many municipal landfills will reach the end of their life expectancy within the next 5-10 years. Acquisition of new landfill space is expensive and usually met with resistance from local landowners and tenants. Recycling can reduce the amount of waste relegated to landfills and increase landfill life expectancy.  Alberta, however, faces unique recycling challenges.

The geographic area is vast, population density in most cases is relatively low, collection of recycled materials can be difficult, and viable markets for recycled products are often located far from Alberta communities.

The Solution

Since 1994 Alberta CARE, formerly Northern CARE, has worked in cooperation with many different government organizations, industries, recycling groups and non-profit societies – all with the intent of increasing the viability of recycling initiatives in Alberta. By working together, we can achieve a reduction in the amount of waste going into our landfills.

Alberta CARE Focus

Alberta CARE, in cooperation with Alberta municipalities and organizations, focuses on:about alberta CARE

  • Coordination of regionally-based recycling projects and programs
  • Promotion and education of the benefits and importance of recycling
  • Increasing public awareness of recycling opportunities and challenges
  • Connecting varied private and public interests in relation to the coordination of recycling initiatives and in some cases, playing a leadership role in same
  • Identifying potential economic development opportunities associated with recycling and waste management initiatives

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5212 - 49 Street Leduc, AB T9E 7H5
Call: 780-980-8089

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Alberta CARE Membership is important in Alberta, as it brings together diverse interests and coordinates recycling plans and efforts to divert substantial waste from landfills by sharing knowledge and expertise.

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