Be "Green" Today!

Use reusable bags

Use reusable bags
Use a reusable bag since you can not recycle plastic bags. Be sure to tie your plastic bags with a knot then if it does get away it will not be a parachute but remain on the ground.

Alberta CARE Education and Awareness

Alberta CARE has played an active role in waste management education and awareness:

  • Alberta CARE holds a successful, annual Alberta Recycling Conference which is an excellent forum to meet and discuss waste management and recycling matters of mutual interest.

  • Alberta CARE has submitted grant applications on behalf of northern schools to receive paper recycling bins and has organized the delivery of those bins. 

  • Alberta CARE has held more than 100 vermi-composting presentations in northern schools. Alberta CARE is currently training-the-trainers to continue doing vermi-composting presentations in schools.

  • Alberta CARE has presented community recycling workshops. Residents have the opportunity to receive information on what can be recycled and what the end result is of the recycled materials.

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