Job Opportunity - Executive Director - AUOMA

Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA) are seeking candidates qualified for an Executive Director role. The responsibilities for the potential employee entail, but are not limited, to the following: developing and implementing the industry’s business plan, managing the business and financial affairs of the organization, and the monitoring of user financed programs that encourage responsible environmental handling of used oil related materials. The Executive Director also represents AUOMA as the official spokesperson; to enhance and promote the organization’s public image.

The ideal candidate should be a strategic visionary leader with excellent interpersonal skills and must have the capability to work collaboratively with AUOMA’s Board of Directors. The ability to build and maintain relationships with a variety of stakeholders is essential. An ideal applicant will display strong leadership skills, has education at a university level or a college/ technical school diploma. A full understanding of business and financial acumen, and at least 10 years of relevant business management is also required for the Executive Director position at AUOMA.

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